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Environmental Practices


​​Here at Penllyn Estate we are committed to farming responsibly, with an eye on our role as stewards of the land for future generations.

  • We plant natural wildflower strips across our arable areas to support biodiversity, wildlife and bees.

  • 65 hectares of woodland are managed annually, with regular thinning providing logs which heat the estate office, properties and farm shop.

  • Since 2010, we have

    • Planted 5,000 new trees;

    • Established 3,000m of new hedges;

    • Repaired 100m of dry stone walls by hand.


We have regular sightings of bird populations including red kite, peregrine falcon, yellow hammer, and lapwings. We've also got resident otters!


To ensure we farm in a sustainable manner, the Estate operates within a set of farming values which are key to how we work. We aim to:

  • Improve soil health and structure wherever possible, including through implementing and renewing field drainage.

  • Reduce fuel usage through minimum tillage cultivation techniques.

  • Balance our use of manufactured fertilisers, utilising the compost produced on site as much as possible.

  • Apply all crop inputs, when and where required, with GPS technology.

  • Minimise antibiotic use in our livestock.

  • Utilise solar energy to provide electricity for the farm and dry our grain (but only when necessary!)

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